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financial health

Effective cash-flow management, systematic accounting, and compliance with industry regulations are keys to the financial well-being of any enterprise.

Wiz Tech's comprehensive suite of customized Finance & Accounting services enables your business to enhance its operational and financial agility by streamlining and optimizing key processes.

Our Finance and Accounting services can help you improve your financial agility through better cash flow management, enhanced collections, reduced reconciliations efforts, improved receivables, accurate reporting, accelerated revenue cycles, among others; this ultimately and positively impacts your revenue growth.

Why choose Wiz Tech for Finance and Accounting Services?

Expertise that’s constantly updated

We make use of the latest technologies including automation as a service to enhance your productivity. Our technology expertise helps augment our offerings.

Confidentiality & security

Data security practices are in place that ensures complete confidentiality of client data. Our practices are in alignment with ISO 27001 standards.

Rapid scalability

As clients’ project requirements change, we possess extensive capabilities to scale up our services so that process efficiency is maintained.

Enhanced visibility and transparency

Through regular and comprehensive reports, Finance and Accounting Service ensure 100% transparency for the financial processes we undertake for you.

Latest technology and infrastructure

Wiztech’s Finance and Accounting services are compliant with globally accepted accounting standards such as US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), IFRS and the SOX Act.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We have a team of experienced professionals that can work as a virtual back office to any business to deliver Account and Bookkeeping services within a given timeline.

Helping today’s CFO create balance sheet potency and build tomorrow’s enterprise

We are committed to go beyond operational outcomes with our Finance and Accounting Service. We deliver measurable business value for chief financial officers (CFOs) across geographies and industries. We support the CFO community by:

  • Rationalizing costs while achieving performance and profitability
  • Mitigating risk and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Realizing best-in-class operations
  • Identifying investments for future growth

Wiz Tech Finance and Accounting Services

We offer the entire F&A value chain and provide customized services that specifically target your needs.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis

    Leading risk and sovereign credit rating agencies rely on high-quality, accurate financial analysis reports created by referring to large amounts of data spread across a variety of sources. Wiz Tech team of experts uses a combination of advanced algorithms, proprietary data analytics tools, and superior reporting technologies to quickly and accurately process information from a number of sources, including annual reports, media reports, and stock market filings.

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