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In an environment of economic instability, changing legislation and rapid technology development, many companies are looking for ways to optimize their costs, including labor costs.

One recognised way to reduce administrative costs effectively while maintaining high quality services is to outsource payroll and HR administration. By partnering with Wiztech and using our approach to transforming payroll delivery, our clients have been able to minimize compliance risk, streamline processes, standardize controls and improve efficiency and flexibility.

As your trusted outsourcing partner, the Wiz Tech team is ready to take on your HR administration, payroll and reporting functions.

Why choose Wiztech for HR Administration & Payroll Services?

Preparation of employment contractual documentation

Contracts and amendments, job descriptions, termination agreements, liability for damage and material responsibility agreements and others.

Labour-law support to HR administration services

Consultancy by resolution of various labour-law issues, preparation of HR documentation and internal guidelines, processes and policies.

Newcomers and leavers agenda

Registration of new or leaving employees at local authorities, administrative support during the on-boarding process, preparation of employment-related documents and other HR documents for new or leaving employees, provision of necessary training for payroll process or T&A.

Payroll and HR online portal

Self-service cloud portal to manage various HR tasks such as the maintenance of HR and personal files, preparation of contractual documentation, administration of benefits, settlement of business trips and travel expenses, tax clearance management and much more.

Administration of HR files

Organizing and keeping all personal files of employees in compliance with local statutory requirements

T&A portal

Your employees can keep track of their worked time, overtime, taken or remaining vacation, request for time off or sick leave and then quickly approve it with their managers.

Helping today’s CFO create balance sheet potency and build tomorrow’s enterprise

Our HR administration services help achieve a great employee experience across your organization, by ensuring all-round care along your employees’ life cycle: from daily transactional support and HR assistance provided to your employees, to supporting your HR teams by delivering the recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, learning, compensation and benefits programs.

In addition to complex HR administration services, we deliver solution-oriented consultancy in the area of taxation and labour-law via our own in-country teams of experts. Thus, the team dedicated to your organization can benefit from having a pool of experts under one roof in each country and offer end-to-end care and solutions to support your HR administration function in all its complexity.

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