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Robotic Process Automation is the use of software to enhance and automate human tasks for an enterprise that in turn helps improve the quality and efficiency of the results in a much shorter time.

With RPA technology, at Wiztech, we enable enterprises to increase business productivity by leveraging intelligent automation with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Our RPA based smart bots and virtual assistants ensure that your enterprise increases consumer satisfaction as well as decreases time consumption. We support clients continually adapt to the changing digital environment and address the challenges that it presents with the help of Robotic Process Automation.



Strategizing potential for RPA as a business optimizer and building an automation pipeline.



Implementing and optimizing processes using RPA and driving process optimization through automation as the Center of Excellence (COE).



Evaluating feasibility and value proposition of RPA via Proof of Concept, using low hanging fruits to simplify decision making.

Automate Tasks With RPA Tools

With the help of RPA tools such as UI Path and Kryon, we enhance and automate human tasks for enterprises that in turn improves the quality and efficiency of the results in a much shorter time. With RPA technology, Wiztech enables you to automate human tasks for an enterprise and can help increase consumer satisfaction as well as decrease time consumption.

  • Digital Business Process Automation

    With DPA solutions, businesses can free up their personnel by delegating certain low level, routine tasks to bots.

RPA Assessment

Wiztech believes that experienced scoping on engagements and building a robust automation pipeline is vital to realizing RPA impact across the enterprise. Wiztech provides a high touch, automation assessment using experienced staff to find high quality automation candidates across the enterprise.

Process Mining & Optimization

In order to maximize the ROI potential of automation, and build a continuous process automation pipeline to scale RPA, Wiztech leverages Process Mining technologies to capture a holistic view of the end-to-end process in order to identify bottlenecks, and calculate automation potential. 

RPA Development & Deployment

Based on your workload, Wiztech customizes the implementation staffing of certified developers to ensure efficient delivery of the selected business processes for automation and deploy them for production.

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